20 Nov

Growing up in Malawi – Evance

My name is Evance Naluso, born in 04 August, 1997, in a family of three.

Currently am at African Bible College, where am studying Community Development.

I come from a village called (Balaka), where currently both my parents and siblings are living this makes me to have strong love because my story begins.



Malawi is one of the African countries, which is prone to the change of this crazy world… and the large population in Malawi is youth, who are denied access to many things which makes the life of youth to be hard. The old generation/people are the ones in control of many aspects of life which according to me, it needed active and strong people to do that.


So what exactly makes it hard to be young Malawian?…

  1. Lack of employment – As a nation is failing to create jobs for high growing population of youth each and every year about 2,500 youth are graduating in different colleges/universities, this has resulted into high dependence on parents or relatives. The problem with this is that as youth I/we can have ideas of doing something but because you depend on someone you cannot express your thoughts and ideas
  2. Culture – It acts as framework towards our lives but sometimes, I think we are imprisoned by other cultural teachings and rules…… as an individual you cannot make decisions which you’re comfortable with, culture restricts you from doing other crazy things. For example, at some point culture can determine, whom and when to marry, whom to help, how to dress these examples look so simple but have great impact in the lives of youth in Malawi.
  3. Money – Other problems that we youth in Malawi struggle with is, high tuition fees in colleges . This has resulted in many youth dropping out of school or never attending college.


Apart from all the troubles that we youth face in Malawi, we are proud to be called Malawians because of its beautiful lakes and mountains, its beautiful people with smiling faces although hardship on the ground, different culture practices that entertain us, like traditional dances Gule wankulu, Malipenga, marriage ceremonies just to mention a few all this makes Malawi to be called a “warm heart of Africa”.


Growing up in Malawi, as a youth I need to be proud of it and it’s my wish to see the voice of youth to be held and put into account, as it says “youth are leaders of tomorrow”, therefore to them to be successful leaders it’s good to start train them now with different opportunities.


Best regards,