22 Dec

Dreaming about the future of youth- Evance

To answer the question, what are my dreams or what is my passion in life? It appears to be tough and hard for me to give exact answer because dreams come and go, we never stop dreaming according to me. I think dreams shape our lives, how we should live to achieve those dreams and live the life we want…….

“when we were 7 years old they asked us what we want to be and our answers were like… we want to be teachers, doctors, pilots and astronauts, when we turned 15 they asked us the same questions and said we want to be lawyers, footballers and many answers but now we are grown up they will need a definite answer and we have to be sure what we say and want because that will be our life” …. (Based on Twilight Saga Movie)

 My life has been like that too and this quote truly reflects what I have been doing.  For the past three to four years ago, my dreams are shaped, based on the situation I found myself in. For example during my high school days, I wanted to become a lawyer because I admired those people and because I was good at subjects that enables one to go to law college but, to my disappointment I did not make it to any law college. That was in 2016… In 2017 I joined Lilongwe Technical College where I began to study Mechanics. Then I said to myself that I want to own my own garage and car business, that means the dream to have a degree was gone. However, that same year I got the chance to go to African Bible College where now am studying Community Development. That means from 2016 to 2018 I have switched from being a lawyer to a mechanic and now, I don’t know, maybe I will be a social worker.

Now am 21 whereby people will need definite answer to the question above…. Currently I would say I want to be a social worker… all of my life I never wanted to be a person who should be much involved in community life but after one and half year of studying Community Development it has changed my life upside down. After interacting and sharing stories with those community people of whom most of them don’t have the privilege as the rest of the citizens that their ideas and concerns are held in consideration, I come to conclusion that I would be happy to be part of that group of people, for example people with disabilities, elderly people and youth….

My previous post I talked about youth being leaders of tomorrow, I believe if we give the youth motivation and training and platform to express the abilities they have I think we can develop good leaders who will transform our society and country. So how can we motivate youth? I think through community youth centers, make education affordable to everyone which is normally not the case, and give them chances to do voluntary work and many more.

“People without vision they perish”, that I don’t want that to be the case with my life. Apart from what I said above it’s my wish to be an independent person, to be a family man and have a stable household, and kids on top of that. I would wish to be a person who will be able to turn visions into reality as great leaders do.

All these dreams and wishes act as a framework which guides myself not to misbehave and do things which make a person one minute maybe in paradise then the rest in hell.