Project vision

GenCoo Malawi received a piece of land with a request to establish projects that will enhance development within the surrounding areas.

The map gives you an impression of “our land” and the projects which we already developed or want to develop in the near future.

Updated gencoo land

The region where GenCoo Malawi is located struggles with different problems: food shortages, diseases, lack of water, lack of education, inequality, …

Furthermore, we consider several other fundamental problems:

(1) lack of notion of and vision on (sustainable) development;
(2) lack of formal basic education;
(3) lack of communicative skills; and
(4) lack of technological/scientific knowledge

Our priority is to get rid of those fundamental problems by working together, from the idea that, in the long run,  the local population will be able to handle concrete problems themselves.  After conducting a survey about what the surrounding villagers wanted to have in their district, Generation Cooperation decided to focus on three important pillars:

economic pillar: sustainable development
SustainabilityChickenfarm; microcredits ; irrigation projects.

Socio-cultural pillar
The center of knowledge in which Education (now), clinic, adult education (maybe in the future) will be initiated.
Logistic pillar
Bore hole (first idea), Dam project, road project.