In Malawi, there are still many reasons why children don’t attend a school or don’t finish their education trajectory. We highlight some of the problems:

Language problems
The medium of communication is English and, if students have problems with the language (mother tongue = Chichewa) , they choose to remain quiet and will not ask questions. If this problem continues, there is a big chance that children will drop out school early. 

 Dropout rate is high. The ministry of Education estimates that of all students one out of three is dropping out of school in the beginning of primary school and that one out of 5 children who will start primary school, will finish primary school (Ministry of Education Malawi, 2000)

There are a number of factors contributing to this scenario, and they include lack of interest on the part of the students, sickness, hunger, poverty, domestic chores, child labor, and attending funerals. Absenteism is a problem more especially in rural areas. (Malawi National Statistical Office, 2002).

Education Quality
The education policy wanted to reach the Milennium goal to send more kids to school. Nowadays more and more kids are attending school. However, little attention is given to the development of a qualitative good curriculum.

What do we want to reach with our education program? (general vision) 

“Deep understanding of human behavior has taught us that show a kid a right way and he will not depart from it.  Through the foundation of Kindergarten at Generation Cooperation – Malawi we have all the hope that we will going to fulfill the long term goal of training the next generation of Malawian and even African leaders.  We would like to train leaders who will not going to ask “what their country can do for them but what they can do for their country”.  Leaders who will be productive and positive thinkers in their communities.  We want to train Malawians who in next generation will going to contribute so much to the personal happiness and self sustainable development of their fellow citizens like us.  We would like to train leaders who will going to carry on our work toward the near future.

Like everyone in Malawi, I have been involved in the sorrows of the current life but I have never lost focus.  I have experienced grief of poverty, despair and most times lack of guidance as I did not have anyone to motivate me.  I was young, but through hard work toward school and educating myself, I have rose out of poverty to a middle Malawian with privileges of travelling out of Malawi to new places never dreamed while attending primary school 10 kilometers away in my rural home village.  Now, we want to motivate these young people as I know that one or two will remember us and our words, our vision and our dream.  I have dedicated my life toward humanitarian work by founding sustainable development work which has been possible through acquisition of education on my part.  This is the inspiration we would like to share to these beautiful young people that with shear hard working, determination and long term vision, we can raise our personal fortunes.  We want to make this as part of our life.

As far as we have strong health and energy, we shall going to challenge, inspire, motivate and train young people in the Gencoo villages to be like us.  The kindergarten is just the starting point, we are planning to construct a primary school, a secondary school and in the future a technical college, where ideas and trade will be combined in order to produce fine mind who will going to be next visionary leaders to develop their communities.”

Shadreck Padoko