Since September 2013, Gencoo started a kindergarten. In August 2014, Ilse Luyten went to GenCoo Malawi to write an evaluation report to give the sponsors and friends an idea of the functioning of the school.

You can read the report by clicking on Evaluation of the kindergarten (Dutch version)

An English version will be available later.

Next pictures are from this academic year.  120 children were able to go to the GenCoo school this year.

Because of some sponsor money (Kiwanis Brunsum) and money from Poland, we could paint the classes and buy some furniture, books and paper.

kindergartenkindergarten 2014-2015: 120 children

GenCoo school 1

New painting work and furniture in GenCoo school.

gencoo school 2

New painting work and new drawings in GenCoo school.

gencoo school 3

a self created blackboard in GenCoo school.