The road project


Duration, Four weeks
Period: January-February 2011
Report by Shadreck Padoko

Going into the village of Kangwanda by the old earth road using a car was an adventurous journey. I could always keep on meditating on how I will going to overcome big potholes and unnegotiable landscapes along the road side.

I do remember that one day,  during one of our visits to the village last year, we drove into a roadside drain.  Therefore after the incident, we started discussing that it will be good to start with the rehabilitation of the road before doing any work in the area for TWO REASONS:

A good road network
o provide a good road network to the village by linking them with the main road
A symbolic gesture
To act as a symbolic gesture of entering into the village for development.

the road before being upgradedThe road before being upgraded

We do appreciate the efforts of our friends from Belgium who raised and donated money for the project and the dedication from the villagers who did the whole manual work.

road workers receiving instructionsRoad workers receiving instructions

If one who used the road before it was rehabilitated can drive again through the very same road now, he or she will be amazed to what good change has happened to the road.  The people have done a very recommendable job by installing the road into the best usable road even in the rain season.

the restored roadThe restored road

the road being in useThe road being in use

Random Interviews

I thought it to be wise to ask some of the villagers about the impact of the work to them.  The following are some of the feedback.  “I am happy with the work which GenCoo is doing in our area and I am ready to work together with it so that this area will be transformed into a better place not only for me but for my children” these were the words from Chief Sawawa.  Another villager, Mr Saize told me that he was also struggling to use the old road with his bicycle to sell green vegetables in town but now the problem is solved.

When I moved to the ladies side, they were eager to comment that their desires have been met as it will be convenient for them to move up and down the road carrying out their daily routing working.  Others said that, with the road and the prospect of GenCoo-Malawi staying in the village, a lot of business investors will establish their businesses in the area.

Vote of thanks

 On behalf of Generation Cooperation-Malawi and on my own behalf, I would like to thank all the people who have poured their resources, time and energy to make sure that the proposed work of restoring the road became a reality.  The work was funded by our GenCoo-Belgium friends and individuals in Belgium.  A special thanks is also going to Golden Mbaula for supervising the whole road project together with the village volunteers and lastly the local people who did the actual manual labour.

To all I say let us keep the vision of GenCoo- Malawi a reality!!!!

Shadreck Padoko