Our mission

We have not bought into the idea that throwing Western money at problems of poverty or trying to make money by addressing problems of poverty is going to solve the problems. We have joined the African narrative movement which emphasizes on local initiatives and cooperation within and between villages.

Generation Cooperation is a non-profit organisation in Malawi which strongly believes in

  • a better world,
  • where people are given equal chances
  • regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc.

We are convinced that we can only accomplish things if we work together. Through cooperation, the gap between old and new ideas can be bridged.


Our foundation

In order to accomplish our mission, Generation Cooperation focuses on two important principles, which we relate to good cooperation and developmental work.

Both principles form the foundation of our organisation on which our projects can rise, grow and blossom.

  • TRANSPARENCY“Speak the truth. Transparency breeds legitimacy” 
  • SELF-SUSTAINABILITY – “Seeds need to develop strong roots in order to blossom”


Our projects

After doing several projects in the area (education, farming, logistic projects, water projects), we decided to reduce our activities in our field of expertise:

  • EDUCATION – “We plant seeds to benefit another generation” 
  • CULTURAL PARTICIPATION & COOPERATION –  “A seed needs soil, water, sun and air to grow”