Socio-cultural pillar

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Within the socio-cultural pillar, we want to focus on projects which enhance the social, cultural and educational situation of the villagers. 

We want to support local villagers and provide the resources to empower themselves.

We want to :

  • provide a central meeting place for the local villagers;
  • give the local villagers the opportunity to learn, to develop themselves and to work together.

In other words, this pillar includes:

The center of knowledge was our first building to initiate Education. Nowadays, we have 6 class rooms available and we teach kindergarten and primary school (standard 1-5).

We try to work together with the community and try to be participative in cultural activities such as (chieftaincy) ceremonies, funeral, visits to villagers, chief meetings.

(For an overview of the other pillars, check our project vision)

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