The school environment

The Center of Knowledge, nowadays used as school classes:

CENTER OF KNOWLEDGE gencoo school 3

The playground in progress (since 2015):

playground school 2 playground school 5

playground school 3 playground school 4 playground school 1


toilet GenCoo school



A new toilet for the children who go to the GenCoo school:








A new water tank being installed for the kindergarten to have water throughout the day: 









Since August, 2016, we hEdukado schoolave six class rooms (two rooms in the Center of Knowledge and 4 rooms in two new buildings) on the GenCoo site. There has been a fruitful collaboration between Edukado Vzw, GenCoo and the local community. Edukado Vzw is a Belgian organisation which sends university students to a developmental country to construct school buildings in order to help the partner organisation with providing education.

edukado school

Thanks to this cooperation, we could enhance our school. Now, more or less than 150 children can go to school, from primary school to standard 5.

 edukado school 3

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