Cultural participation

Generation Cooperation wants to be part of the local community. Therefore, a good relationship and synchronisation with villagers and village life is needed and even necessary to result in a locally imbedded and sustainable project. 

Therefore we try to participate in several activities.


Michèle Pieters, ochieftaincy na bandane of the founders of this organisation, initiated herself and became chief in the Chewa tribe, which is the traditional culture in the surrounding villages.







Besides, we try to be as much as possible present at ceremonies, funerals and other activities which take place in the surrounding villages. During ceremonies, we participate in dancing chisamba, one of the traditional dances for women.

IMG_3447 IMG_1697


For an impression of the chisamba dance, see this short movie which was made:

We keep several meetings with chiefs, parents and villagers in general. We try to find out if our actions are appreciated and helpful in the villages and to figure out if we need to adjust some projects in the best interest of the community.

IMG_3691  DSC_0240

Through being transparent and giving the space to negotiate and discuss issues, we try to verify our actions and to increase the voice of the villagers and chiefs in the organisation of GenCoo.






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