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Michèle Pieters
founder Gencoo Belgium
Quite creative but not in ways that fit easily into the “schooling” structure. Wants to make her life count. Already made a mark in the world through her activities in Malawi. Has been recognized in the form of funding from the Flemish government, the University of Ghent, and other public agencies. All of this has taken place since 2006. In the meantime has earned a Master’s degree in philosophy with a thesis on the relevance of contemporary philosophy for problems of development. Has been initiated into one of the local tribes, in the spirit of the fully engaged anthropologist.
Shadreck Padoko
founder Gencoo Malawi
In the grow of love which Christianty inspires, I resolved to dedicate my life toward the aliviation of some of human misery. While at secondary school in 2004, I had a vision of founding a self-sustainable chicken farm in order to achieve the inspiration. I met Michele in 2008, shared the vision & we partnered to work in Lilongwe rural east. I hold a Bachelor Degree of Arts, major Theology & minor Education.
Ilse Luyten
Since 2013, I am a volunteer at Gencoo. In 2014 I went for the first time to Malawi to visit the project. My main focus is improving the quality of GenCoo private community school.
Bram Vissers
As husband of Ilse I also went to Malawi for the first time in 2014. I am most interested in developing the economic pillar of GenCoo Malawi, which will enable GenCoo Malawi to develop and sustain their own projects without relying on outside sources.