Generation Cooperation Vzw Malawi can be framed within the increasing attempts of Africans to transform the Western ‘Milennium Goals’ discours to an African narrative. This African narrative emphasizes that we need to invest in ideas and knowledge instead of continuing to focus on Western money and sympathy.

“We have not bought into the idea that throwing Western money at problems of poverty or trying to make money by addressing problems of poverty is going to solve the problem.   We have joined the African narrative movement which emphasizes local initiatives and cooperation within and between villages.”

Our long term goal is to be fully sustainable. In other words, we hope that our projects (economic pillar) can yield enough money so that other (external) resources are not needed anymore.

To collect money, we use several resources:

  • Resources in Europe

In the past, we used sources from:

     GenCoo Belgium:
  1. The province of Limburg 2009-2014 The province of Limburg has subsidized GenCoo enough during the past years to construct the office, the chickenfarm and the center of knowledge. Sadly, these subsidies cannot continue anymore.
  2. Music for life 2013 Selling hand-made magnets + exposition in Ghent.
  3. School action 2013 Individuals donated money for schoolkids.
  4. Music for Water 2014 We collected money to construct the dam by selling hand-made creations and organising a fundraiser.
  5. Kiwanis Brunssum 2015 Kiwanis Brunssum has subsidized GenCoo with 1000 euros to improve the kindergarten.
  6. (Social) Loan 2015 to  extend the chickenfarm and make it more sustainable.
  7. Sponsor project 2015 to improve the quality of the education and the schoolbuilding of the GenCoo school.
     GenCoo Poland:
  1. Education material + money for school
  • Resources in Malawi

To decrease our dependence on donor driven economy, Shadreck Padoko (founder) came up with the vision of starting a business in order to generate money for self help projects.  The vision has been shaped and re-shaped until finally we have got several projects which yield money for GenCoo Malawi  (but were mainly constructed with money from external resources):

  1. Chickenfarm: By selling the eggs, we aim to collect enough money to support other projects of GenCoo
  2. Education: We ask the parents of the kids to pay a school fee in order to make the school self-sustainable. When needed, money of other projects can be used to support the school (payment of teachers for example)
  3. Irrigation projects: By cultivating our own crops and other vegetables, we can reduce the costs of chicken food and meals for the students (school). We can also sell the surplus vegetables in the city.
  4. Dam construction: This construction will help to have water all year round, so that we can cultivate vegetables during the entire year. It can help us to organise new projects for which water is needed.